Keep Your Glasses From Fogging

Wear your mask in comfort
Made in the USA

How it Works

Stop Fiddling Around

Quilbey Mask Tape | Face Masks Adhesive Tape

All Day Comfort


Quilbey Mask Tape | Adhesive Strips to Keep Mask from Falling

No More Adjusting

Quilbey Mask Tape | Patent Pending
Quilbey Mask Tape | Hypoallergenic
Quilbey Mask Tape | Money Back Guarantee
Quilbey Mask Tape | Made In USA

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Quilbey Mask Tape | Easy to Use Tape to Hold Your Face Mask in Place

Quilbey Mask Strips

Hypoallergenic, easy to use, reusable tape that is applied to your mask and then gently adheres to the bridge of your nose. 

Keep Your Doors Open

Quilbey Mask Tape | Adhesive for Face Masks for Food Workers

Perfect for:

✓ Restaurants
✓ Retail
✓ Food Service
✓ Hairdressers 
✓ Medical Workers

Quilbey Mask Tape | Adhesive for Face Masks for Retail and Warehouse Workers

Keep Face Masks Secure.

✓ Keep customers & employees safe
✓ Avoid spreading infection
✓ Prevent shutdowns
✓ Reduce sick days

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