Are they hard to put on?

  • The Mask Tape is easy to apply. Simply remove backing and apply to the mask. Remove the second backing and apply mask to your face starting from below the bridge of your nose working outward.

Can I use them with any mask?

  • The Mask Tape will adhere to any material commonly used for masks.

Do they hurt to remove?

  • Mask Tape adheres similar to an adhesive bandage and can cause some discomfort the first time the mask is removed. There are three levels of adhesion available with the most common being our standard with a moderate level of stickiness. After the first use, however, removing the mask gives little to no discomfort.

  • If you find that the tape is too sticky, rub and touch your fingertips on the Mask Tape to reduce its tackiness.

  • The tape may remove makeup.

How many times can I use them?

  • Mask Tape can be reused numerous times, with the number of times being limited to factors such as sweat, skin oil, and length of time used. Basically, the mask strips can be reused as many times as they remain effective.

Are they safe to use?

  • Mask Tape is safe to use for extended periods of time. The adhesives are specifically formulated for use on human skin.

Will they irritate my skin?

  • Mask Tape will not irritate the skin if the proper type is used. For those that have fragile skin the Light Mask Tape would be appropriate. For those with skin prone to acne or other skin issues, the Strong Mask Tape should be selected as it is hypoallergenic. All other skin types should select the Regular Mask Tape.

Where is Mask Tape Made?

  • Mask Tape is proudly made in the USA.